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Custom leather cellphone cases for Samsung W2015

Together with the aid of the mobile telephone sticker models that were Daqin, this day I 4 unique custom leather cellphone skins were created by myself for Samsung W2015 exhibited as below the feel of over cell phone skins are Zebra- Lightning printer design leather striped leather, crocodile leather shows and Desert rocks leather products that are leather. Those participate in high-end item, which touches like genuine leather. Additionally, they are ultra-thin material, using a thickness of only 18 micrometers. As a result of super-thin coating of phone skins, it appears that the phone skins are including the initial telephone since it and the cellphone integrate perfectly. The cell phone skins stick closely on the Samsung W2015, without shrinking or lifting.

skin de celular

Truly, for any model mobile phone on the planet, not merely for Samsung W2015, I will produce custom cellphone cases with the Daqin mobile telephone sticker machines. Nevertheless, cellphone cases Samsung, for iPhone, HTC, Huawei, Xiaomi, Coolpad’s need is reasonably huge compared to the remainder of cell phone manufacturers in the market. I offer those telephone skins online and traditional. The human traffic in my own mobile accessories store is approximately 200 people per day, I will sell about 20 phone themes in one day, which can carry revenue of about 200 US dollars per day. I never believed before I began making phone themes, it can provide well. The web retailer so are there less orders used to don’t spend much cash on marketing; still you can find about 10 orders per-day averagely.

Providing the leather cell phone skins is quicker than the printing skin de celular, since I just need to select phone type on pc and after that put the sheet of A4 size picture to the cutter, and after that it will routinely exactly cut right out the phone skins in 1 minute. The entire system of Daqin mobile phone sticker products include cutter, cellphone skins printer the telephone skins design application and the resources of phone cases. It requires just one individual to complete the entire manufacturing process which charge just 3 minutes for 2 sets of mobile phones. Daqin provide everything required starting this cell phone skins business, online-video speaking after sales service and hundreds of distinct telephone skins raw materials, including comprehensive video tutorials. Thanks to Daqin, currently my business becomes bigger than before, as well as my income. The Daqin mobile phone sticker’s equipment is actually worth to truly have a try if you like to start out your own personal business of custom cell phone skins.